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Flatbed Trucking Services

Flatbed Trucking Company in ILLINOIS

Flatbed trucking services are one of the most widely recognized kinds of transportation strategies for oversize loads. Compare Transport LLC has over a decade of involvement in transporting flatbed cargo and freight effortlessly. Our senior coordinated factors specialists are knowledgeable in the heavy haul industry. That implies we can assist you with finding the ideal flatbed transportation that anyone could hope to find. We’ll give the best flatbed trailers to your freight transport. Additionally, we’ll acquire any administrative work and permits necessary for your oversize load.

At Compare Transport LLC we comprehend your Flatbed Freight is significant, so we need to ensure it gets where it should be securely and on time.

Who We Are

We offer our shipping customers

– Intense focus on safe and secure delivery
– On-time delivery to you and to your customers
– Customizable solutions to solve complex problems

When it comes to flatbed transportation carriers, Compare Transport LLC ranks as one of leading USA. While there may be similarities between our flatbed trucking services and those offered by our competitors, it is our exemplary customer service and high-quality shipping and logistics solutions that truly set us apart.

Flatbed Trucking

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Grab & go our daily premade cakes or ask about custom cakes.


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Steel Coil Flatbed Trucking and Transportation in North America and Canada

Our flatbed transportation administrations is the response when you are hauling a wide range of loads including, items, materials, heavy machinery and equipment that should be secured properly even though it may be fitted to the edge of the trailer, flatbeds are likewise utilized for as difficult to-fit loads that won’t fit into standard encased trailers, or a thing that essentially should be lifted onto the trailer as Flatbeds offer astounding flexibility while delivery cranes and other bulky equipment and furthermore permit shipments to be loaded from any side. What’s more, flatbed equipment includes RGNs, double drops, and step decks.

At the point when you really want to haul construction, agricultural, or mining equipment, or whatever other load that doesn’t need an enclosure, depend on Compare Transport LLC to deal with all the flatbed transporting details. We give all pilots and escort vehicles expected for your flatbed transport and obtain every important permit. Whether you want flatbed transportation administrations across the state or the country over, Compare Transport LLC is the answer for your oversize transport vehicle issues. We give flatbed transport administrations in all 50 U.S states and Canada.

Steel Coil Flatbed Trucking and Transport Services

At Compar Transport LLC, we offer a wide range of services to include steel coil flatbed trucking and transport

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