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Arizona (AZ) Oversize (OS)/ Overweight (OW) Permits – Regulatory Information, Trucking & Permit Services: Compare Transport LLC

Oversize/Overweight Permits (AZ): Arizona Oversize Permits are valid only for just four days. The driver has the option to buy permits for most Ports of Entry.

Arizona (AZ) Oversize(OS)/ Overweight (OW) permits & Trucking Services across USA and Canada.

Oversize/Overweight Permits (AZ):  Arizona Oversize Permits are valid only for just four days. The driver has the option to buy permits for most Ports of Entry.

Compare Transport LLC is highly experienced in Issuing Permits for any States such as Arizona oversize permits are one example in the State of Arizona. Get in-depth information on Legal dimensions, Routine Permit Limits, and Escort Requirements along with operating times and restricted travel

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 Arizona (AZ) Oversize (OS)/ Overweight (OW) permits & Trucking Services across USA and Canada

 Arizona Oversize/Overweight Permits: Arizona Oversize Permits are valid only for just four days. The driver has the option to buy permits for most Ports of Entry.

Arizona (AZ) Schedule Time for Oversize/Overweight Permits: Day hours, (one-half hour before sunrise to one-half hour after sunset). Loads/vehicles not over 10 feet wide or 14 pounds-6 inches high or not over 10 feet back overhang are permitted consistent travel. Loads not over 16 feet wide, 16 feet high, 120 feet long and 250,000 pounds might travel on Interstate and indicated state routes at night, from 3:00 am to 12:00 noon on weekends (besides on holiday weekends and in curfew areas), however, this should be mentioned when a permit is ordered and should be stated on the permit.

Note: that loads over 11 feet wide will be relied upon to have one escort to travel from 3 noon on weekends, and loads 15 feet high and over will need an escort with a height pole.

Travel Restrictions: No Over Dimension or Over Weight loads allowed on I-17, I-10, and SR 60 inside city limits of greater Phoenix region, or I-10 or I-19 inside city limits of greater Tucson region between hours of 7:00 am – 9:00 am and 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm weekdays. Local “Courtesy Permit”/route approval is needed for Over Dimension travel within Phoenix and Tucson.

Arizona (AZ) Oversize/Overweight Permit Legal Dimensions:


  • 57 feet trailer on Interstate
  • Non-designated roads, 65 feet overall for above 53 feet semi-trailer
  • Overhang: 3 feet front, 6 feet rear.

Width: 8 feet-6 inches

Height: 14 feet

Weight: 80,000 Gross

  • Single – 20,000 pounds
  • Tandem – 34,000 pounds
  • Tridem – 42,000 pounds

MISCELLANEOUS: Excavator blades and arms over 14 feet wide (estimated at right angles to the trailer axis) will be detached and hauled in a way to not create a safety hazard. Dozer blades shorter than 14 feet wide might be hauled without being detached provided the dozer is firmly supported. If buckets, blades, counterweights, and so on, are easy to remove, they should be taken out, however can be hauled with the load. The blade can be detached and hauled with the dozer on the same trailer if the load would be overweight with or without the blade; however it should be stated on the permit. On wide loads, side mirrors should reach out far to the point of keeping away from the view being obstructed by the load.

SIGNS, FLAGS, and LIGHTS: All over-width vehicles or loads exceeding 9 feet in width will show “Oversize Load” signs. All over width loads and vehicles should be flagged with red flags 12inches square or bigger on extremities. Any front or back overhang should be flagged or lighted. Up to 10 feet overhang might travel at night, but must be lit and flagged. There are no signs or flag necessities for overweight just or overweight just loads.

Note to allow overweight in Arizona (AZ): Arizona scales expect permit weights to be extremely near genuine weights and dimensions. You can purchase the permit at the scales to stay away from issues, or more than likely ensure you are ordering exact weights!

Arizona (AZ) Oversize/Overweight Routine Permit Limits:

Length: 120 feet

Width: 14 feet

Height: 16 feet


  • Tandem – 46,000* pounds
  • Tridem – 51,450–53,974* pounds
  • Single – 28,000 pounds
  • *Tandem and Tridem weights might change depending on axle spacing, and axle width. For instance, a tridem with 9 feet of axle spacing (4 feet-6 inches + 4 feet -6 inches) and 8 feet axle width gets 51,450 pounds.


Note: A “Class C Tridem Permit” can now be acquired to allow 59,168 pounds at 9 feet of Tridem axle spacing (57,960 pounds at 8 feet, 60,000 pounds at 10 feet). In any case, this is just for travel on Interstates 10, 19, and 40, and for the parts of SR68 and US93 connecting I-40 and the Nevada line.  Some other (including diversion) routes will disqualify you.

Over 14 feet wide, 16′ high, 120 feet long and 250,000 pounds requires a “Class C”.  A route survey might be required.


Arizona (AZ) Oversize/ Overweight Escort Requirements (PILOT CARS):


  • Over 120 feet- at least one escorts.

Overhang: Front or Back over 20 feet – one escort.


  • Over 14 feet– 1inch or more escorts.
  • Some confined routes need two escorts over 12 feet wide and a few for over 10 feet wide.

Height: over 16 feet – at least one escort.

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